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Lyceum Fit - PT studio Fulham
Lyceum Fit - PT studio Fulham

About US

The Modern Lyceum Fit

In the spirit of Aristotle, although our main focus is on the excellence of Strength & Conditioning and the cultivation of health and fitness, we are looking to go beyond the conventional model.

We strive to build a business that offers a lot more than a commercial gym / PT studio services. Our priority is firstly to develop a strong community available for all. We will aim to organise trips, adventures and expeditions within the UK and abroad. In order to prepare people for this, we will run Strength and Conditioning programs that will develop physical robustness to participate in such events (different levels of difficulty).


The Team

Who We Are

  • Personal Trainer for over 10 years.

  • Trained a range of clients from sedentary Londoners, celebrities, prison convicts, Army personnel, mountaineers to endurance athletes.

  • An Endurance coach and ambassador for Arc’teryx.

  • Competed in a number of different endurance events most notably the UTMB Chamonix and Oman, 260km Wadi Rum Desert ultra, a 200-mile ultra run, a 125-mile kayaking race and a 3000-mile cycle ride from the UK to Istanbul.

  • Overcame a traumatic head injury leaving me having to learn how to read and write again.

  • BSC in Sport & Exercise Science, studying an MSC in Strength & Conditioning.


  • Strength and Conditioning coach for over 10 years

  • Clients include pro-MMA athletes, BJJ fighters and other top combat sports professionals, male & female models,  military personnel, rugby,

  • Presented at national expos and taught workshops worldwide including Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Holland, Dubai and US

  • Worked as a part of the team at Balance Sports Physiotherapy Clinic gaining experience with various types of sports and lifestyle related injuries as well as post / pre surgery training preparations

  • MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach by NSCA IHP Florida

  • Sports and remedial massage therapy certified

  • Publications for Men's Fitness, The Guardian, PT Magazine, also a guest on Superhuman Radio

  • Completed Marathon Des Sables in 2018 as well as many other ultra endurance events 

  • Follows vegan diet and was a part of the Plant Based Performance A Compassionate Approach to Health and Fitness project



  • 10 years experience in the fitness industry. 

  • Previously worked at KX and Matt Roberts as a Personal Trainer

  • Sports coach and Teaching assistant at Garden house school for 3 years. 

  • Set up multiple after school fitness clubs for children, runs mini boot camps and retreats for private families and travels around the globe for work. 

  • REPS Level 3 Personal Training Diploma

  • BSC hons Sports and Coaching, Oxford Brookes

  • Semi professional Rugby, and selected for England Students

  • Scottish Schools Athletics Championship, Bronze and Silver medalist. 

  • Robbie will be developing the children’s fitness programme at Lyceum, making sure each child reaches their maximum potential physically and mentally.  

  • Robbie prides himself on building long lasting relationships with his clients and will often see him charging around the parks of London. 

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