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Community Initiatives

Lyceum Fit is a social enterprise business, which is committed to delivering health and fitness to the community. We believe in a classlessness society and our gym is open to all.


Lyceum Fit will be working very closely with the Sands End Community to delivery training, workshops and talks to the local community. The idea is influence and promote health, fitness, wellness and the outdoors to the community. The goal is to try and make this accessible for people of all classes and backgrounds.

Lyceum Fit News and Updates

Community Engagements

Kids Running
Friends Working Out

Over 60's Fitness

Work to prevent injuries and increase confidence and self-reliance.

Lyceum Fit are running fitness classes aimed at the 60+ age group, focused on improving bone density, mobility and avoiding muscle atrophy.

We understand how important fitness becomes later in life, and want to give older people the tools and environment to continue to work on their physical health.

The training will be specifically tailored to 60+ residents to help them build strength, mobility, balance and fix any existing or potential postural problems.

Kids Running

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  • Small groups with a social aspect attached.

  • All sessions run by trained professionals

  • Build strength, mobility, balance and fix any existing or potential postural problems

  • Every Wednesday at 2:00p.m

Weight Lifting
Kids Running

Running Club

To develop a running community to re-inspire the power of running and the benefits that come with it.

Lyceum Fit will look to improve running technique and develop physical fitness through a social training program.

Our aim is to help individuals develop performance but also have fun while doing so.

We want the Running Club to be accessible for everyone and so will be free of charge.

Kids Running

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What We Offer


  • Community fitness for kids

  • Ages 8 up to 16 

  • School Developmental Programmes

  • After School fitness classes​

  • Where: Lyceum Gym

Two children on gymnastic balls
Kids Running

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  • When - Every Tuesday at 0700.

  • Where - Start and finish at Lyceum Fit in the corner of South Park.

  • Who - Anyone that wants to runs, all ages, all abilities, everyone welcome.

  • What? - About a 5km round the park at a social pace. 

Kids Running

Kids Fitness

“Building the foundations for your child to develop physically and mentally.” 

Our aim at Lyceum is to work closely with the local schools, offering a variety training programmes and extra curricular fitness sessions to help children grow in confidence on and off the sports field. 

We will be running a bespoke developmental programme, working with individuals and small groups, starting from September.

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