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Arc'teryx Run Club - Aerobic Training

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The session is designed to assess your aerobic capacity so that you can monitor your performance. It will also look at how you can build your aerobic base. When starting a new training program, it is very important to assess your level of fitness, which will give you your starting point. This is important because we need to know whether the training we are doing is having a positive effect on our performance. Testing and retesting are how we can monitor our progress or lack of progress. For most people, a lack of progress will normally come down to a lack of consistency. However, it is still possible to overtrain and do too much too quickly. This is why the principle of progression is so important. Training simply comes down to applying a stress, letting the body recover and adapt. Then consistently and progressively increasing that level of stress so that the body can adapt. It is also important to consider that these stressors can be physical or mental. So, if you are mentally very fatigued then it is likely this may have an influence on your performance. This is why monitoring, testing and retesting is so important.

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